Kia ora,

I’m a multi-displinary designer, driven by social good and innovation. I’m a forward thinker and interested in how we can approach problems and solutions in a collaborative and engaging way. By combining my visual communication, research and facilitation skills, I help organisations understand their customers and build their design thinking capability to design human-centred solutions.

I have 5+ years experience working in roles from service and UX design to public programming for both the private and public sector in New Zealand and overseas.


What I do


Using qualitative research methods such as user interviews, co-design workshops and more, I help organisations conduct user research to better understand their customers, and design for their needs.


Using the findings from the user research, we dig deep to gather insights that inform and influence user experience, strategic decision making and design solutions.


Design is a helpful tool to communicate the insights gathered from research and make ideas come to life with service concepts, blueprints and prototypes. I also design tools to help teams build and apply their design thinking capability.